Zebras - Star Patrol - 2012

The “Star Awards” is an evaluation system used to recognise Troops and Patrols who are meeting the aims of the association. The Scout methods used are the tools that make scouting different from any other youth organisation. The “Star Awards” also serve as an essential tool for Scouters, Commissioners, Provincial and National Staff to identify weak areas so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Star Awards evaluate activities completed between 1 October and 30 September every year.


    Status Date planned
Patrol Jobs:
Every patrol member has a specific job.
 Incomplete Jobs to be allocated at next Patrol Meeting???
Patrol Corners:
There is a properly maintained patrol corner, display, den or patrol box.
 Incomplete Refurbish planned for ???
Attendance Records:
There is an up to date patrol attendance register which is maintained by the patrol.
 Incomplete To fill in to log book
Attendance (75%):
There has been an average % attendance at patrol and troop meetings & activities for the period.
 On track  
Visual Progress Chart:
There is an up to date patrol visual progress chart on display.
 Incomplete Put up one in Patrol Box
Patrol Log Book:
There is an up to date Patrol log book recording all camps, hikes and activities and their permits.
 On  track  
Patrol Leader (First Class):
The Patrol Leader holds the following advancement level:
Incomplete (busy with Adventurer)

Adventurer date planned: ???

First Class date planned: ???

Assistant Patrol Leader (Adventurer):
The APL holds the following advancement level:
Incomplete (busy with Pathfinder)

Pathfinder date planned:

Adventurer date planned: ???

Numbers 3 & 4 (Pathfinder):
No’s 3 & 4 hold at least the Pathfinder advancement badge.
Incomplete Date planned: ???
Number of scouts (6+):
There are at least six scouts in the patrol.
Court of Honour (6+):
The Patrol Leader has attended at least six Court of Honour meetings this year. With full meeting procedures
Patrol Activities (4+):
Number of patrol activities held during this year (not before, during or after a troop meeting).
Complete Please list the activities
Patrol Hikes (2+):
Number of patrol day hikes this year:

Buzz macey trophey

Date planned:

Patrol Camping (2+):
Number of patrol camps (or overnight hikes) this year.
Incomplete Date planned:
Patrol Community Service (3+):
Months involved in a Community Service Project
Incomplete Date planned:

Link to Star Patrol evaluation form
Star Awards Guidelines 2012