This Sunday the Zebras patrol went on a short patrol hike in Tygerberg Nature Reserve. The weather was very inconsistent and it looked like it could start to rain heavily any minute but we decided to do the hike anyway. We met at the Reserves gates at 12:00 and collected our permit. We started walking at 12:30 from the entrance up towards the picnic area. We took a right up the hill towards the masts.


From there we walked down the other side of the hill to a picnic bench where we had something to drink and a chance to rest. We continued down and around the hill into a little kloof where we saw some beautiful views and flowers.

We walked all the way around the hill with a view of Table Mountain the whole time, up the hill and back towards the picnic area where we had our lunch. We also did a tracking story whilst we were here which was a requirement for many patrol members advancement.

At about 14:15 we quickly walked to go and look at the Bontebok on our way down towards the parking lot.
At 14:30 everyone’s parents were there to pick them up’.

I want to thank Timothy, Sean, Dayne and Etienne for coming on the hike and I hope that you all enjoyed it even though the weather wasn’t all that great!

Robbie Kotze