All the guys that haven't tried it, must try it, because it is the best competition I have ever had.  All the adventure is included into a 10km hike.  In my group was Jonathan, Hannah, Caleb and myself. 

I experienced so much and learnt so much. This was the longest hike I have ever done.  It is such a long way up the mountain and a long way down that you have to go over rocks.  Then we got to a road and I had so much fun with my friends. You have to do medical first aid and then we did another hike up the mountain and when we got to the sandy part, which was the worst part for me, because I struggled going up the sand as it makes you tired and you have to carry a stave the whole way.  There was a cave on the mountain from olden days, which got dug out by archeologists and we saw rock paintings.  It was called Peers Cave. This was the best experience I have ever experienced. This was the highlight of my day.  At one of the stations we had to make popcorn in a conservation stove.  At the medical station Hannah in our group was our patient and we had to make a stretcher using two staves and carry her.  At the end we all made a survival wristband and Caleb helped us with ours.  I made friends with other troops.  I learnt that having the proper shoes is very important and having enough water with you.