Much fun was had at our troop camp. Upon arrival the first day we set up our campsites, we then chilled until it was time to make dinner (we had delicious dutchy style pizza for dinner). After dinner we cleaned up and then played stalking.

The following morning everyone got up at 6 and did PT in the rain (while I made pancakes for three patrols). After everyone ate and cleaned up there were badges to do. I was in charge of running the observation badge, the base I ran the sound identification base. There were other badges run on camp including the Marksman badge.

After all the bases were completed by every patrol we went for a hike and a swim, when we returned to the campsite there were tables set up for Mexican style banquet.

We had a feast of nachos for the banquet, the PL's had to wear funky hats and the APL's wore "Capes" and everyone got to wear mustaches.

On the last day we woke up a little later than the day before, for breakfast we had a yummy fry up of eggs, mushrooms, bacon and eggs. It was then time to pack up, once all was clean we said our goodbyes and headed to the scout hall to pack up everything and at last we were on our way home to get some well needed sleep.

Thank you so much to the scouters who made this possible!   Ingrid Webster, Ryan Hultzer, Greg Ashley Cooper, Alan Roper, Nick Peiterse, Ray Middleton and Michael Middleton.