This is the story of how I got, my very intesting trip to the hospital in my private ambulance (:

We arived at about 1:30 pm and helped caleb finish setting up camp, once we were done we had a very interesting conversation on how our braai was actually a lawn mower, dont ask, someone just cut it in half.

Afterwards we just sat around in the tent, listened to music and just talked, later we went and walked aroun the caravan park a little, and had our first time at the park, to make a long story short we did archery, chased chickens, got chased by a duck and a dog, fixed a zipline, made fun of sheep and pigs, (looong breath). we also played in the park a bit and made bread, we joked around with it (daniel, jonathen, & caleb, you guys know what i'm talking about (-:) then it begins...

Now here's were things get interesting...

So we went to the park and played on the spinny thingy like little kids and then jumped on the trampolines. We each took turns challenging each other then they went to go play on the spinny thingy again and as I was getting off while walking on the frame (the frame was very thick because of the springs) so ja as I was walking on the frame, and since it was wet because of the rain I slipped on my last step and hit my shin on the frame and hooked my other foot. I started falling but my foot stayed hooked.  I fell and screamed so loud that the others came running over immediately. they asked what happened but all I could manage was "MY LEG!!!!!" so they tried bending my leg but I scremed even more. Caleb and Jonathan went to get staves and a blanket to make a stretcher (so Scouts really does pay off) and Daniel tried to comfort me by singing (it did not help) but I went along anyway and we sang Radio Active by Imagine Dragons! Caleb and Jonathan came back made a stretcher and carried me back to the tent. They asked the other campers for help (luckily the one lady was a nurse) she helped a bit but the others called for an ambulance. They put lemon juice on the cut but I screamed even more. Then the ambulance arrived and did some tests and put a brace on my leg and Caleb and me went in a bakkie up to the ambulance. They put me on a bed in the ambulance (Caleb took loads of pics- see photos).They drove me to the hospital (around 9pm)in "my" private ambulance. When I got there I met my mom and friend Aidann (16) where we waited for about an hour and a half and I was taken to a bed in the casulty and another hour went by and I had xrays taken. The xray lady told me to bend my leg in different ways (and I'm thinking WTF!!!) so I went back to my bed and waited about another hour for the doctor. when she finally came all she did was disinfect the cut and put 1 SMALL PLASTER OVER THE CUT (I was thinking all this for a plaster???)  The doctor said my shin took a hard knock and was swollen because of the bruising. So then I went home and had dinner (about 2am) The next day I spent the day in pain!

So hope you guys enjoy my story, please try not to laugh? I would liek to say thanks to Caleb Ashley-Cooper, Daniel Middelton and Jonathan Pieterson thanks for all the support, you guys are true friends and great scouters.

[Article unedited]