It's the new year which means new patrol members are chosen, this year I became Patrol Leader (Hannah)

Our APL is Allisson Thomson who is fun and bubbling with energy, then our P3 is Jonathan Peiterse who always makes us laugh with his wacky jokes ;D our P4 is Mikaya Storm, she has the most amazing voice and treats us with her singing :) and our P5 is Thomas Dehning he is always there to help :D last but not least is Tara, Tara is our newest member of the Springbok patrol and we are very excited to have her. We are a mixed patrol and have lots of fun!!


Hannah PL: First Class

Allisson APL: Adventurer

Jonathan P3: Adventurer

Mikaya P4: Membership

Thomas P5: Membership

Tara P6:

P.S this is the best patrol ;)