The 19th of August was not a normal Friday for our scout troop. Robbie and I had organised something special for our advancement. The Friday started off with a routine investiture where we invested four new girls into our troop. After the investiture was when the fun began. We had gotten hold of the Imhoff snake farm in Kommetjie and we had organised for them to run an hours’ snake show for us. These are the same people that run the snake shows at Ratanga Junction and schools. We invited them to come so that whoever of us that are on First Class could get our snake demo passed off. After the investiture and some rather hectic phone calls we managed to get Shaun from Imhoff to the 1st Durbanville scout hall. Who knew there were 2 De Villiers roads in Durbanville! Oh well I’ll know for next time. After a bit of setting up we were ready to start the show (luckily Shaun brought all his own equipment). Some of the parents had hung around after the investiture to watch the show. Shaun ran a really brilliant show. It was interesting and entertaining all the way through. Shaun spoke about nearly everything I could think of. He covered the requirements for our First Class perfectly. He brought a lot of interesting “creepy crawlies” including; a Cape Cobra, puff adder, boomslang, King snake, mole snake, frogs, lizards and even a huge albino Burmese python. All the scouts were involved and I appreciate that immensely. Thank you all for asking questions and showing gratitude to Shaun for coming all the way out. I think everyone learnt something even “Big” Peter who was even more involved and interested than most of the scouts.

Shaun appreciated the scouts being so interested and I think he was glad to be able to share his passion with us. He was also grateful for the opportunity to educate young people about our scaly friends. Now there are more people in the world with a better understanding of snakes and how they fit into the environment. I was really proud of the evening and glad it went so well. I would like to thank Shaun and all the scouts for making it such a success. I would also like to congratulate Karina for touching the snake’s tail. We all learnt a lot and 1st Durbanville made a new friend (Shaun invited us to visit the park). I hope to be involved in many more evenings like this. Till next time.