From 18-20 October 2013, Ryan Burns held his Springbok pathfinder camp. The camp was held at Hawequas Scouts camp site in Wellington.

I was so excited. I wore the same set of clothing all weekend, even though I packed clothes according to the list.  My mother was disgusted because my socks stunk like hundred year old oysters lying on a beach.

On the first night, the weather was not brilliant.  Ryan told us to put up our tent 6 times, because of the very strong winds.  I learnt how to put up a scout tent and how to make a chain hank and how it can be used.

On the second day, we went to the Golly Gush and the Wally Wash to cool down from the intense heat of the day.  At night we had a BIG bonfire with 2 other scout troops.  The bonfire was so big and bright that I will remember it forever.  I made friends with the Blaauberg troop.

 The spiders in the bathroom at Hawequas are so big they reminded me of the big spiders from the Harry Potter movie. Early in the morning I saw two baboons walk close by our tent.

Ryan looked after us really well.  He is like my bestest bestest pal.  It was the best Hawequas camp I have been on.