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On 16 December we all arrived at the scout hall to help with the packing for troop camp. Fitting in with the troop was effortless as it seemed as though I had never left and it was amazing to see old friends once again.

We departed at around 12h00 and arrived at Vogelvlei just after 13h00. Then it was the pitching of tents and building a gateway. It was extremely hot and no one needed a second invitation to go for a swim in the dam. We were fortunate enough to have six sup boards and six kayaks at our disposal as well as the Saldanha. To me this was a very different troop camp as I had never been to Vogelvlei before and the water sports made the whole experience even better!

On one of the days we participated in a wide game which was run by Dean van Schoor. The game involved collecting a series of picture squares which made up a complete picture of Dora the Explorer. The first patrol to complete the picture won and the losing patrol had to cook dinner for everyone. The winners ate first.

We also played a game whereby you had to throw a raw egg from one person to the next without breaking it. The egg didn’t make it…

Another fun activity was building a gladiator platform on the water using poles and ropes. The aim was to try and knock each other off it. Several of us got very wet.

On our last evening we held a banquet. The theme was “Gaming” and it was very cool even though I didn’t know many of the characters. Any request had to be said in “gamer” language and anyone who didn’t comply had to participate in a “gaming” skit with other scouts who had also failed to comply. We were all given names of “gaming” characters and we had to stick to those names during the entire banquet.

The next day was the final day of the camp and we started packing up fairly early. Then our parents arrived and it was the closing parade and the long drive back to Durbanville. However, all was not over because when we arrived back at the scout hall, we had to unpack everything neatly.

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped to make this five-day camp fun!