This Friday (25 March 2011) was a fundraising evening; Anja arranged that the college of magic would come to the hall and present a magic show for all the scouts, parents and friends.

The first magician, who was very charismatic, got two volunteers (Bronwyn Haye and one of the cubs). He did a fantastic trick where he gave each of the two volunteer’s ten cards. Using his “magic” (i.e. not touching the cards), he removed three cards from the cub and added them to Bronwyn’s pile. He also did a trick where he gave the cub 3 soft squishy balls (the cub then covered it up) and the magician made them into four balls.

The next act, the magician cut the other magician in half and then reattached him. Next was my second favourite and that was the juggling, he started with one ball and went all the way up to five balls! He then juggled with looked like the pins from tenpin bowling. What was most impressive was when he gave 3 juggling pins to his assistant (so they six pins in total – three each). They started juggling and passing the pins to each other, (it was very good!). 

The next magician did a silent card trick and was able to know the persons card, amazingly, the card was in mouth the entire time! Courtney went up where he said he could make “any animal she pleases”. She asked for a lobster. Its name – Fred; Fred was going to a dress up party and dressed up as a dog (the magicians story). Courtney ended up with the Fred the Lobster that looked like a dog. Overall, it was a funny and enjoyable show. Thank you Anja!
Brian McGeorge