Milnerton Aquatics Challenge is a 24 hour sailing competition that takes place once a year at the mac sailing club. The race was started in South Africa on 14-15 March 1998. This is also the only dinghy sailing event of its kind in South Africa.

The competition took place this last weekend and my scout troop entered a Saldana, boat 1 which most scouts know as the tank. It is the heaviest Saldana owned by scouts, and the heaviest boat that sailed in the competition.


A couple of us went to collect the boat at the sea scout base on Friday and dropped it off with all the equipment and 3 tents at the mac sailing club. The other scouts arrived at mac at about 20h00 and slept the night there.



The competition started at 12 every one was sailing.

Our team took shifts, there were 5 helmsmen on our team

  • Myself
  • Guppy
  • Greg ( my Dad)
  • Jonathan
  • Hannah

The rest of the crew who maned the Jib:

  • Alan
  • Jonathan Roper
  • Sheth
  • Tara
  • Allison
  • Nick

They went on shift in pairs and stayed on for two hours like the helmsmen. How we did crew change is the boat would go in every hour and drop of either the helmsman or the jib crew it would be a quick swap and the boat was off again.

The beginning of the race there was nice wind, we were doing a lap every 7 min, but as it got to nighttime the wind died down and it took us an hour a lap. The next morning the wind started to pick up and by the time it hit 12 we here doing a lap every 4 min. With the wind at 30 knots there were boats capsizing left right and center.

Explain what happened to us at the turn. As the wind was getting to strong the the race puled off and the. The scores were added up and they gave us the winning teams in and trophys. Our boat came 5th in our class and 25th overall.

What a fun competition it was.