Last Friday night we pitched and striked our patrol tents, this exercise was done to make sure that each patrols tent had all the right equipment in them. So this was the sene scene. At hand, there were 6 patrols of at least 7 people in each stiking there tents and gradually the light was dimming,

so as you can imagine we needed lights, one big light was brought out but you see the light can only face one way. Our patrol was cast in darkness as we pitched our tent, this was a bit of a challenge as we had to use the right amount of pegs and poles and if we lost any there would be quite a problem! Eventually we got the tent up, now we had to strike it which was the hard part because this was the part when things could quite easily get lost. In the end it all worked out and I'm pretty sure that my patrol had fun, I know i did :)