Another year gone. I feel that our troop is losing seniors and gaining juniors quickly... too quickly.

That leads to one, big problem. People are falling behind on Advancement. Take Cheetahs for example. We have three people that are doing advancement and have their first badge (or two)
and the rest don't have any Advancement done at all.

So I propose that all Patrol leaders should start doing camps where they do Advancement with the little ones.

Don't do it all for them though. The point is to get them started and one they get going, you just stand on the sidelines for help.

I know that I also am one of the Patrol leaders that don't do camps or Advancement, but that is about to change. The AGM has woken me up. I noticed that we didn't get the award for the Patrol doing the most camps because of me, but because of Ryan.

So wake up 1st D or we'll sink before we've realized we're in the deep end.


REPLY from Scouters:
Alex, your observations are noted and good thinking. There is a process in place that enables you to bring your ideas to the Scouts. This initiative should be brought up at a Court of Honour so you can hear the views of everyone.