This was the best Kontiki I've ever been to - if you weren't there you missed it all. Let me walk you through everything from the beginning. I woke up the Friday morning at 7:30 amped to go to Kontiki sadly I only left at 10:00. I arrived there at 10:30 give or take. Ryan Burns was already there. He got there at 9:30 - I know that's crazy but we also need to thank him for that because he got us our camp site and our construction site as well so thanks again to Ryan Burns for all that effort.


Hours went by - well it felt like hours - Viss came along with his truck that has all our equipment we need to build the raft. We started to unload and then people from 1st D came along to help us. When we were done it started to rain (oh ja - forgot to tell you it was raining the whole morning ) but we still worked. As soon as the adults started coming from our troop they kindly offered to set up the tents so thank you guys too.

At 15:00 we were allowed to start construction. So we started and I'm proud to say we weren't playing around while we were building the raft we had lots of hands in this job. I bet all of their hands are as sore as mine because of all those lashings we did. We got pretty far the 1st day: we finished the base and got the raft in the water. After that we all called it a night we slept like a rock.

We woke up the next morning ready for work. It was a beautiful day. I had the best breakfast ever in Kontiki history - it was a bacon and egg roll. Back at construction we were busy with the side boards and the roof and the inside of the raft like the kitchen and bunk beds Karina and Robin were finishing the last stuff for the raft by that I mean decorations. When all that stuff was finished the raft team (Robert, Ryan, Arjen, Skippy, Michael M. and myself) had to go get ready for the opening parade. We wore these droid costumes but in spite of the tights we had to wear (by the way our manhood and pride has left us) we got to be on T.V I was interviewed by a crew from espresso T.V and the judges thought our raft was amazing. No one could disagree with that. The six of us plus Alex and Jacque and Courtney went to go line up for the parade and did I mention we were holding this walker type thing which was also pretty amazing. After the parade, we got out of the tights. The raft crew was ready for takeoff ( that is a pun just by the way because the theme was space) so we each got ourselves a punting pole and started punting to the site where we will drop our anchor.

It took us a while but we got there. So when we dropped anchor we had to wait for our S.T.As ( spare time activities) which took a while as well when Arjen came back with our S.T.As we wasted no time. We read through it and they gave us a sim card with 15 rand on it but anyway we started and it said we must make a solar system with the balls provided and they must be a certain length apart. I'm not sure how far but I started painting the balls into the colours of each planet.

Half way through, Ryan and other Michael had to make lunch for the judges and I asked Robert to please carry on with the planets while I did the menu for the lunch. When I was done, Robert and Ryan got into the canoe and went to H.Q to get our food judged. When they got there Ryan forgot his shoes so they came back to the raft to get shoes. After getting the shoes, they went back and somehow the canoe tipped with them in it but thanks to Ryan the food was saved - thank you Ryan.

After getting the food judged they came back. Our next S.T.A was to build a water rocket and Skippy and other Michael made that. Ryan and I had to make a replica of a space station but we must make it out of rubbish. It came out really well and that rocket that Skippy and other Michael made was almost a success so well done to you two as well. Our next S.T.A was to design a badge and the other one was to make an alien with at least 3 limbs and 3 eyes with a mouth but we had to go get the material for it from other rafts. Each raft had an item. Ours was a piece of wire. After getting all 26 items I started with it, it came out really well. The badge we had to design was tricky but we managed. Arjen sowed on pieces of cloth together and I drew a droid on it. The canoe race was started and we came 1st again well done to Arjen and Robert. But unfortunately we got disqualified for taking a bar-one from land but anyway we still came first. It was time to head back to land. The rescue boat came and towed us to shore. As soon as we got off, everybody started dismantling the raft. It took us less than about 2 hours and loaded onto the truck. It was time for the closing parade so we got together and sat down and we waited for the prizes. After a long wait they started giving out the awards we got a few off them. Our land team won the tug of war - well done to them and Courtney won the senior girls cross country - well done to her. We also won the prize for the best looking raft and finally at the end we came 4th. Well done 1st DURBANVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!