This year the theme was Dr Suez. Our raft this year looked spectacular, well done to all the people who helped paint it.

We arrived on Friday and set up camp at about +- 10:30. We had lunch and got all the poles lined up and waited anxiously until 15:00 when we could start tying the base. The senior scouts with the help of some ex scouts (Michael F, Craig, Andrew, Robin, Sebastian) got the base done – tightly too. Alex who wanted to get his knot as tight as possible snapped more than three ropes- we have added that to your tab. Next were the barrels, thanks to the practice and Jacques' article we knew exactly how to tie it. We drilled the holes for the base and got it tied down while Ian, Ryan, Craig and I tied the A-frames. We got the A-frames tied and the base (with boards tied down) into the water and called it a night.
Next morning we started work at +-8:00 and completed the superstructure. We drilled holes for them and got them into position. We had to cut the roof boards to fit and get the raft complete (sideboards) with all equipment in, roughly an hour and a half. With everyone working and doing his or her part, we got the raft completed in just the nick of time. Everyone got dressed for the parade, with some enjoying the tights more than others (Michael F, Mathew – Who bought them afterwards). Everyone on the land enjoyed the fringe activities although this year we did not get to the finals for any activity.
Sunday we completed our ‘statue’ STA made out of recyclable materials and went on the fun run. Craig came first in the veteran’s category and Courtney came first in the Junior Girls category. Soon after the raft came in and the disassembling began; within thirty minutes the raft was disassembled and all the on the truck.
I do not have all the results as I left to unpack the truck but I do know:
Overall: 9th
Tender Race: 1st (well done Arjen and Robert)
Construction: 2nd (Much better than last year where we were 7th)
Thanks to everyone who made this Kontiki a great experience:
Anja and all the moms for the food and organisation on the land
Ray for the kitchen
Scouters for their assistance and work behind the scenes
Alex for managing everything leading up to Kontiki
Arjen, Jacques, Alex and everyone else for overseeing construction
I have just named a few people but everyone did their part, and every little part is important in the big picture.
Brian McGeorgealt