I always used to think Scouts is boring and I always used to hate it. But when I realised that my older brother is going on camps, hikes and doing badges, I realised that it looks so nice because instead of sitting at home doing nothing, I started getting interested in Scouts and doing badges – I started to like scouts.

Well it must be hard to do your Pathfinder and Springbok. And I know I want to do my Springbok and I always used to say to myself that I won’t make it to be a Springbok Scout but then some one told me that I must believe in myself and that I can do it. So I really hope that I will get my Springbok for Scouts. I know my PL (Patrol Leader) will be able to help me.

I just want to say that I love my patrol – they rock and I love my PL and APL (Assistant Patrol Leader).