Although 2nd Fish Hoek won for the eight time in a row, 1st Durbanville came in a solid 17th position out of about 32 teams. The competition was very nicely organised, and a special thanks to Peter for scaring away entire troops of Baboons with his stick and 2nd Kenridge for giving us tent poles on which we forgot to bring and fire on which we couldn't make.

We started the competition carrying back breaking loads up a hill through a forest into a rugby field in the middle of nowhere. We then went ahead and set up camp. By nightfall we had camp ready and Michael and Hayley made the most awesome stirfry of all time (and I made the most normal rice of all time) we went ahead and did some bases at night in the freezing grounds of Tokai forest. We got to a legendary base called ''Man holes'' in which there are 8 chambers underground and connecting them was a network of confusing, cold, wet, dirty, concrete and full of leaves tunnels on which you had to crawl (sometimes on your stomach) whilst looking for codes in which we failed miserably. We then did some less awesome bases and went to bed at about 1 o'clock.

We woke up to an alarm on my phone and Jacques pestering me to wake up and had some scrambled eggs for breakfast. We did some more bases that took up most of the day. Later Alex did an intensely tiring obstacle course on which Peter and Terry did later with some other people. Terry destroyed them in a race and Peter came stone last because he was helping the other scouters for no reason at all. At the end of the day we did the closing parade carried our stuff back through a shortcut and went home dirty and tired.

The moral of the weekend was:
Be nice to 2nd Kenridge.

By Ryan Burns
Adventurer scout