The weekend of the 27-28 of August was the final part of our stressful first-aid course. We all arrived on the Saturday with our patients and we gave them the tour of the Sea Scout base and briefly explained to them what they were going to have to do. Saturday consisted of revision and questions for Mr Peter Nidrie (Doc).

We were all full of stories from the hit and run and since we were the biggest group there we upheld the 1st Durbanville tradition of getting into trouble (but we know everyone really loves us). I’m proud to say that half the Kudu Patrol was there. That night we all ordered pizza and none of us except Ettienne studied. The next day we all woke up early and started stressing about what we were going to have to be doing. We got off to a start by having some last minute revision.

Then the testing began. The testing consisted of individual bases as well as five incidents, which had been set up by the instructors. Each person in our team got to lead an incident. I did moderately in all of them until the last one that I had to lead. I was stressed out and was rushing because we were running two hours late. I was sure I failed that. Next was the CPR and once again I was rushing so much I messed up. I even forgot my mouthpiece! I was sure I had failed but when they read out the names Ettienne and I was two of the only people who had passed!

I was thrilled and I feel confident in my first-aid. I’m glad it’s over and I look forward to the next badge course.

Joseph Rom