I want to share the great times and memories I have had as a scout.

It felt like just yesterday when I got invested into 1st Durbanville scout group. I was in the Cheetahs patrol with my 1st PL who was Craig Burns (Ryan's brother)

In the years which went by I have been on some great adventures and have met a lot of friend.

I was lucky to have been part of the 22nd world scout Jamboree where Ryan Burns and myself got to go over seas to Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The Jamboree was held in Sweden where 40 000 scouts from all around the world come together and make friends and have fun. I met so many scouts there and all I want to say is that it was something I will always remember. I also got to go to the Cederburg where we hiked like there was no tomorrow as some of you know our patrol really had an adventure on the Cederburg. 

To finish off my last article as a scout I would just like to say thank you to every one who was and is a scout.

But a great thanks to Ingrid, Peter, Ryan Hultzer and Rob for making my scouting career so great.

Thank you every one and good bye.