Ok so seeing as we forget this every year, I am posting it here so that we know how to tie a barrel lashing (or at least we think we do):

  • Start on the outside pole (or choose a side that they will all start on) with a clove hitch, where the remaining rope runs down on the inside of the pole (so right against the barrel)
  • You then put the rope underneath the barrel and bring it up on the other side, underneath the other pole (again, right against the barrel).
  • The rope once again goes underneath the barrel (the same way you did it the first time, except that seeing as you came up on the inside, you go down on the outside of the pole so that frappings actually help).
  • Remember that your ropes must work their way inwards (so each rope must be on the side of the previous rope that is closest to the centre of the barrel).
  • Repeat this until you have 3 ropes going underneath the barrel. You should then be on the side that you did NOT start on.
  • The rope coming up after the 3rd time going under, should go underneath the pole, right around it, and underneath it again so that it can go over the barrel.
  • This forms your frapping, you go around the ropes on each side (going underneath the pole every time) and repeat until you have 3 ropes going over the top of the barrel (so that you have 2 going in 1 "direction" and 1 the in the other "direction"). This should leave you on the same side that you started on.
  • You end off by tying a round-turn and two half hitches on the rope that is there, (from before the frapping, so the rope should be going straight down) below the frapping.

I am pretty sure that that is correct but I may have been incorrect on some details. If so I shall change this accordingly.

Anyways, I hope this helps us remember in future years...