[Article published unedited]


the AGM was so fun :D the skits were so funny and the food was great XD (lol). I was a bit dissapointed that I didnt get an award but to be hounest: I didnt deserve one. personaly I thought that our (cheetahs ,yaaa!!!!!!!!) SKIT WAS THE BEST! because we improvised an used Garath as a camera LOL! AND KNOW TO GET SERIOUS:

to Ryan:

Im soooooo sorry that I was always so annoing and disrespective to you and all the other scouters in the cheetahs patrol, and that I look up to as a LEGEND, but not just a legand: I mean like friking CHUCK NORRIS LEGAND!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was a walking chrismas tree too! so you have inspired me to get much more bages :).

to Ingred:

i have desided to, after seeing all  those awards that were given out, I will go to as manny badge courses as possible, I hope to have as many badges as Ryan by the age of 14! i will help out as much as possible at scouts!

FOR EVERY ONE: I will do my BEST, to do my duty to God and my COUNTRY, and to OBAY THE SCOUT LAW! and the next time you see me I will be a whole new scout and for the future have a spring bok and be a SUPER SCOUT