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Patrol Report

I am really proud of my patrol. This term we had a few new members join, and had to learn to work together which we did very well. We have been trying to get the basics done with our juniors for instance teaching them the 6 basic knots and the square lashing. These are just a foundation to work apon.

Our goal for the end of the year is to get all our memberships up to pathfinder level. My APL was a great help and we were sad to see him leave at the end of the secondterm. The sprinboks have always been family to me and I am very pround to be apart of them. - Hannah Ashley Cooper

Gordons Shield is a camping competition where you get judged on the camping gadgets you build and the bate.

This year i was a part of the 1st Durbanville A team. This year we placed in the the top 10, coming 7th overall. We worked really well as a team, but there are things that need improving on. For instance our gadgets could have been better and we could have had a training session before Gordons. It was a very fun competition, although it was wet and rainy. Our food was really good, and we had an amazing patrol who worked well together.

Milnerton Aquatics Challenge is a 24 hour sailing competition that takes place once a year at the mac sailing club. The race was started in South Africa on 14-15 March 1998. This is also the only dinghy sailing event of its kind in South Africa.

The competition took place this last weekend and my scout troop entered a Saldana, boat 1 which most scouts know as the tank. It is the heaviest Saldana owned by scouts, and the heaviest boat that sailed in the competition.

Much fun was had at our troop camp. Upon arrival the first day we set up our campsites, we then chilled until it was time to make dinner (we had delicious dutchy style pizza for dinner). After dinner we cleaned up and then played stalking.

Last Friday we did a patrol/troop hike up Lion's Head which was lots of fun. My patrol was the last ones to reach the top as  my patrol is still fairly young. The hike was extremely misty providing us with a very dull blank view.

By the end of it we were all extremely tired but had had a great time.