Zebras Patrol

PL Charles
APL  Bjorn
3rd Blake
4th Dean
5th Luke Harrison
6th Matthew Skinner
7th Luke McClean
8th Logan


About Us

Zebras Patrol

Our patrol motto is "Strength in Numbers". At the moment we are making up for numbers in advancement. We have just received a new guy who we will be bringing up to the same advancement level as the rest of the patrol.

Our patrol mainly consists of Adventurer level patrol members who will soon be moving on to First Class. This is very exciting because they are the ones doing most of it without my help, organising camps, hikes, etc. We still have a couple of members working on Pathfinder, but they will soon be finished their Adventurer.

Our patrol is really good at Pioneering. We have great team spirit and it is a privilege to be their Patrol Leader.

Star patrol - Zebras

Zebras Patrol Activity15/05/2015