This year has seen quite a change for 1st Durbanville. We have dropped in numbers from over 40 strong, to under 25 scouts this year. From 6 patrols – 2 girls and 4 boys, we now have 4 mixed patrols. We lost a lot of our seniors last year and with it a good chunk of experience and knowledge. This is however a natural cycle that happens in all troops – and now at last our time arrived.

However, this has not held us back and has provided us with the perfect opportunity to concentrate on the re-growth of the basic skills and also focus more on the individual scout as with only 3 scouters its almost impossible to do this with over 40 scouts.

It also didn’t stop us from entering all the area and district competitions with varying results. We sent 3 teams in to Upton Shield, and although they didn’t come in the top 10, they had a blast and learnt a lot. Craig led the Rayner team into 3rd place, as well as Kontiki Construction and participation into 9th place. The Gordon Shield team did fantastically and came 2nd out of 35 teams. Recently we also came 2nd on mini Rayner on the Kaapzigcht wine farm in Kuilsriver.

Some of the great achievements in the troop this year have been: Ryan Hultzer has completed his warrant. Rob Burns has become the Group Scouter. This allows the whole group to benefit from his years of experience in the scouting movement. 1st Durbanville also had 3 scouts invited back onto staff on PLTU (Patrol Leaders Training Unit) which is a great honour. More recently Michael Fourie come 3rd on the pioneer badge course, and Alex Lump completed the PLTC (Patrol leaders training course).

Some of the other fun activities have been spent hiking up Kanonkop, playing a stalking wide game with Milnerton Troop on the Dunes of Dolphin Beach, having a family Amazing Race around the Waterfront, riding a formula one racing simulator, and doing the cyclist badge (thanks to Stephen Stefano).

I would like to thank the parent committee for there assistance in providing the troop with the resources to run one of the most successful troops in the Western Cape.

To Ingrid, Ryan and Rob: without your help I would not be able to run troop and thank you for all the time you invest into scouts. I am sure we are all grateful.

We are all looking forward to next year.