It seems weird that I have written these reports (for Peter) for the past 4 years, but when it comes to having to write one for myself, I struggle to find the words to say! There is just so much so say that I don't know where to start.

Rob has said (in his GS report) many of the things that I would have said. How the troop has almost doubled in numbers in the last year – how all the kids have suddenly done advancement and achieved badges like they are the new hottest thing – how the parents have been wonderful and their involvement in camps, activities, maintaining the hall and grounds etc. is absolutely fantastic – and how we have done so well in competitions, even though we may not win, we at least compete with excitement and eagerness and achieve more than winning – we learn and have fun doing it!

However, what is most important to mention is how proud I am to be a member of first D. That when I am asked by my friends (when I can't attend a braai on a Friday night or go out to dinner with them because I am doing a PGA during the week or when I can't go away for the weekend because I am judging on Gordon Shield) WHY do I do scouts – I smile and tell them – because it's SUCH fun!

It is amazing to see the little kids that are invested when they turn 11, and are naughty and distracted and all they want to do is play and run and shout and have fun and release energy, being transformed into mature, young adults who are self-motivated and responsible. The fact that I can play even a small part in that is the most rewarding of all. That AND it's just plain COOL to shoot flaming fire balls from a 4 meter high catty!!

Lastly (but by no means least) I think we have some of the best scouters there are to offer! I ran PLTU (the most prestigious leadership training course for scouts in the western cape), and Ryan Hultzer ran PLTC (the pre-cursor course to PLTU) and we were both involved in running Gordon Shield this year with Peter. Peter and Rob are both involved in the Cederberg adventure this year. We have a wealth of knowledge and involvement that we should be very grateful for.

Congratulations and thank you to all scouts who have either done only one thing for their advancement, or who have a whole Christmas tree of badges on their uniform.
It's because of your enthusiasm and that I am able to be enriched and blessed by being part of 1st D!

Happy and blessed holidays!