In December of 2011, 1st Durbanville roughed it on a 5-day camp in the hot and windy Caledon. We camped on a free-range pig farm called Glen Oakes.

Wednesday 14th
We all arrived safe and sound (thanks to those that transported!) at around lunchtime. The road up to the camping area was quite an adventure to drive up, but luckily our cars survived.

We unpacked the vehicles and setup camp in between very strong winds, rain and even hail. The weather however did not wet our spirits.

The Scouts chose their own camping areas. Cheetahs was tucked neatly into the forest near to headquarters. The Kudu's patrol decided to hike a mile down the hill and found a campsite there. I assume this was to ensure they remained fit as they had to hike up the hill a number of times each day. Springboks and Zebras shared an area, but chose a campsite with limited shade.

In the evening, we played a strategic game of stratego.

Thursday 15th
The morning began bright an early with an enjoyable session of morning stretches and a quick sprint. We then had a wonderful eggs and bacon breakfast.

This was followed by the swimmers badge. Later in the evening, the Scouts cooked backwoods meals, which (supposedly) involves cooking a meal without utensils. The Scouts made pressure packs, roast potatoes and gemsquash.

In the evening, the patrol leaders lead their patrols through some pioneering and first aid incidents.

Later in the evening, the Scouts decided to walk through the forest for a late night walk and received their Scout names (see below).

Friday 16th
In the morning we tried to shoot at targets with the air rifles. We had some great results from Brian and Jacques, and some less great results from the rest. The Scouts also had a chance to cut down small pine trees and make their own Scout stave.

In the evening, the Scouts cooked up a big meal with pancakes as dessert. This was quite interesting, especially for the Scouters who were to join the Scouts for their meal. When the Kudus were calling Rob to serve their meal, I was informed that my patrol was just starting to chop the vegetables! However, all the meals turned out very tasty.

After a game of stalking, the Patrol Leaders went on an activity of their own...

Saturday 17th
On Saturday, we gave thanks to the farmer for hosting us on his farm by cutting a path in the vegetation for where the Cape Epic will be travelling through. This was quite fun and gave a great sense of achievement. We also used a tool that pulls an entire (small) tree out the ground.

In the afternoon, the Scouts went on a hike. Once they were back, they were treated to a potjie banquet, and we were entertained with some ad hoc skits.

Sunday 18th
Last day! After a very inspiring Scouts Own run by Jacques, Arjen and Alex, it was time to pack up the campsite and go home.

I am very proud of the whole troop. Every obstacle (including the lack of flushing loos) was taken on with a smile, and I really feel the Scouts lived up to Law number 8. It was great to see the high spirits and eagerness to take part in all the activities.

A big thank you to:

  • Barbie Girl
  • Big P
  • Sparkles
  • Soul
  • Thomas
  • Guppie
  • Rugby Player
  • Russel
  • Hobbit
  • Monster man
  • Kurt
  • Ken
  • Cobra
  • Ruskie
  • Skippy
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Soutie
  • Potter
  • Wing

And last but not least, I would like to thank our Patrol Leaders, Arjen, Brian, Jacques, and Ryan for their great effort on camp. The camp would not have run as smoothly without your help. I would also like to thank Michael, Ingrid, Rob, Terry, Peter and Alex for their help during the camp.

Photos can be found here.