This Friday (31 October) scouts showed how good they were at making AND spending money, when they played a game called “The Warehouse”. Here the objective of the game was firstly, to make as much money as you could, to buy the parts for a chariot, then make the chariot to compete in a chariot race.

Every patrol started with R500 (in play money!) and could make more money by playing different games (i.e. herding  sheep and caterpillar walk etc). Each game cost money to play, but also earned the patrol money when they successfully completed that game.

Well done to Cheetahs who made the most money AND had the most money left in the end, after buying all the Components for their chariot.

THANKS to all the parents who helped out too – Barry, Dirk, Ingrid and Arne. I am sure it was much more fun than anything else you would do on a Friday night :-)

Kyle velcro’s to Ians legs for the caterpillar crawl


Springboks doing their Patrol War Cry

The “Cheeta-pillar”