“The Springbok Badge. The highest rank a Scout can earn. What is it worth? Well in Rands and cents it’s about R12.00. Just a piece of cloth embroidered by some firm and sold to SAHQ. But what is it really worth to you?”

“Think back to the time when you first became a Scout. Remember the Scout skills that you learned each time you progressed? The Personal Growth Agreement and the re-dedication to the Scout Law and Promise, as you advanced. Think of the service you have given to your Troop and other people.

Is your Springbok Badge worth R12? Of course not! Your Springbok Badge is priceless. It represents everything that you have learned, everything that you have done, to be prepared, to help others, and to help yourself. So now you stand on the peak of the mountain. A Springbok Scout.

Now look ahead, look sharp. Way out there in the mist is another mountain, and there below is the trail to your future. It might be a long trail, or a short one, but it leads to that mountain far away. As you walk down the trail, and as the years roll by, and finally reach the end, we all hope that you can look back on the trail of life and be able and proud to say, “I have done my best.

Author unknown