Annual Scout AGM Awards

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Patrol Cooking: Cheetahs Springboks Springboks Springboks
Patrol Camping: Cheetahs & Springboks Cheetahs Zebras Lions
Patrol of the year: Cheetahs Springboks Zebras Zebras
Most advanced scout: Courtney Michael Smith Guppie

Skippy, Mark Smith

Patrol Leader of the year: Courtney Caleb Ashley Cooper Caleb Skippy
Scout Trier award (junior): Matthew Skippy Nina Charles, Oliver
Scout Trier award (senior): Michael H Nikki Lumpp Skippy Jonathan P, Marie
Scouting for excellence (junior):
Caleb Daniel Middleton Hannah Hannah, Nina
Scouting for excellence (senior): Ryan Ryan Burns Guppie Michael M, Caleb
Journalist: Michael H Nicci Corlett Kyle N Hannah
Most Popular scout: Courtney Andi Buitendag Jonathan P Nina
Handyman award: Michael & Ray M Michael M, Craig Cockcroft Not awarded Michael M, Ray


Most Recent Competitions

Kontiki 2016 - 4th Place
Rayner Trophy 2016 - 11th & 20th Place
Upton Shield 2016 - 6th, 12th & 50th Place
Quinn Trophy 2015 - 2nd Place
Tonkin Trophy 2015 - 2nd Place
Gordon Shield 2015 - 6th Place
Orienteering 2015
- participated
Mac 24 regatta 2016 SAL class - 4th place