A busy year for the cubs at 1st Durbanville.

Well another concert means another year has gone by. Seems each year goes quicker than the last.

On 24 February we visited the Durbanville Fire Station. At the end of our tour we sat down on the lawn for cool drinks and biscuits, and the most exciting thing happened. There was a fire somewhere near and the truck rushed out of the station with the siren blasting and the red lights flashing. What an awesome end to our day.

On 18 May the cubs visited the Lion Park, which cares for lions that have been removed from zoos, circuses and private owners. Us Pack Scouters were prepared to be quite distressed to seeing these beautiful creatures held in captivity. But when we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to see how big the enclosures were, and after hearing each lions' story, we felt really glad that these volunteers cared enough to save these animals.

We entered the annual R-Don competition and came second place. Thank you to all the cubs and parents that attended and participated in the events. Especially all the dads in the Tug of War!

The Edward Shield Competition was very poorly attended by all except our two champion cubs, Mathew Pieterse and Stuart Young. Mathew is 8 and Stuart recently joined Cubs at the beginning of the year, but between them, we managed to have a representative from 1st Durbanville for all the bases, except one, where we clearly needed a Lion.

1st Durbanville currently has between 24 and 26 cubs attending on a regular basis. The average attendance is 85%. Six of the lion cubs have now finished up over the last couple of months and have moved up to Scouts.

We have only two uniformed staff members, two really committed moms and one enthusiastic cub instructor. We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to any Mom or Dad that is interested in the future of not only your cub but the success of all the cubs. Please consider going into uniform and committing a few years of your life to changing the lives of many young people.

The cubs have earned 30 interest badges and 12 advancement badges for the last year. Well done to all.

A very big THANK YOU to Adrian, Debbie, Paula and Courtney who are there every Friday. Another thank you to the mums that help out along the way: Justine, Susan and all the mums and dads that bring our cubs to 1st Durbanville each week.

Dawn Johansson