As part of the National Challenge for Cubs this year, cubs were required to do something special for 90 year olds in their community. When the 1st Durbanville Cub Pack contacted Huis Aristea in Durbanville regarding their needs, we were informed of the the huge shortage of certain toiletry items amongst sick bay residents (most of whom were over ninety). We were also told that most of the residents have a sweet tooth and hardly ever get treats like biscuits. In response, we collected toiletries, biscuits and made cards for the sick bay residents of Huis Aristea in Durbanville.

Stodels Nursery as well as Kenlys Flowers kindly donated flowers. These were presented to the residents by a representative group of cubs on Saturday, 16 September 2006. The residents were delighted and many shed tears of happiness. It was such a treat to get a visit from young children, to get flowers and cards to brighten their rooms and a whole packet of biscuits each!

Visiting an old age home was quite an eye opener and an unforgettable experience for the young cubs. One described it as ‘a bit freaky’ and another was most concerned that there was something growing on his lips after a very old lady with strange marks on her face kissed him on his lips!

Thank you to all the cubs for a wonderful response to this challenge.

huis aristea