Lions Patrol

PL Nina Agustin
APL Tristan Casaleggio
3rd Leila Brookstein
4th Nobuhle Ngwenya
5th Lucah Louw
6th Hannah Murphy
7th Bjorn

 Lion's Patrol



The Lions Patrol will start of with a bang since we want to advance everyone to a minimum level of pathfinder as soon as possible, when I explained this too my patrol they were ecstatic and overjoyed.

I am very excited to teach my patrol what I have learnt over the years and will try to make this experience a memorable one for them. 

Scouts is a wonderful thing to do and teaches you to work together as a team.  I want our patrol to bring out the best in themselves and each other. I will also do my best to make each member reach their potential and guide them to reach their advancement as they go along. I am looking forward in seeing our patrol enjoying scouts and what it has to offer as the year progresses. 

I hope you will enjoy every moment as much as I do. 


Skippy Cochrane

 lions minion