Hi everyone

From my point of view, it was a very relaxed kontiki as everything ran really smoothly and the work was pretty evenly spread. I also had time to enjoy it and it was a pleasure to see things such as how little Stephen blossomed as he learnt how to serve in volleyball and how the older kids took the time to pass on the skills to the younger kids. I loved seeing the 1st Durbanville spirit in action

The Kontiki website has not been updated yet, so here is how we did

Construction 304 out of 339 -  7th place
Scout Spirit 26 out of 30 - 2nd place
Meal 63 out of 82 - 7th place
Spare Time activities 151 out of 207 - 7th place
Tender Race 1 out of 10 - 6th place
Theme dress 7 out of 10 - 3rd place
Overall 611 out of 753 - 7th place

To illustrate how tight it was, if we had 9 more points, we would have come 5th and with 49 more points, we would have been 1st.

I would like to thank everybody that was involved for their hard work and enthusiasm, but forgive me if I have left anybody out.

Rob for sorting out the lights

Peter and Ingrid for working with the kids on Friday night and Saturday morning ( hope you enjoyed the weddings) and for the canoe

The catering team – Anja, Wilma, Judith, Melina, Joy, Ingrid and Linda. As always the food was really good and judging by how quickly it disappeared was really appreciated by everybody

Sarah – a huge thank you for the costumes which looked wonderful. I think that it was very difficult for the judges this year because so many of the costumes were so similar. A wooly mammoth won.

Andre – organizing the truck and the generator

Cubs – for coming through on Saturday and your support. We look forward to you joining us in the future

Ex- scouts – For your help and supervision

Anja – for her organization of the campsite both putting up and taking down

And finally

Scouts – for all your hard work and tremendous spirit. It was probably the smallest group we have ever taken to kontiki, but you worked really well together and showed tremendous spirit in everything you did.

Also, please let me have any comments on the catering and on any other Kontiki issues, so that we can take account of it next year.

Please return the red and yellow T shirts anyone that has not done so and we can refund you.

I also note that a number of the kids have not got their swimming scoutcraft which you need to do the knee boarding. Is there any parent or adult who would be able to examine the kids for this badge in the next couple of weeks? It would be great to have it done before the water gets too cold.

Well done again to everybody involved. I am proud of you all.

Your chairman

Donnetta McKinley