[Report read out at AGM on 16 November 2012] This evening you are privileged to hear reports from all sorts of people, though mainly from what we call the uniformed staff. They are the people who work with your children on a Friday afternoon and on a Friday evening. This report is on behalf of a different group of people, many of whom the kids will never really see, but they really do make a difference to the way scouts is run as they give the Troop and the Pack Scouters the freedom to develop the kids as much as they do.

Embarrassingly, I am going to name some of them and I would like them to stand up. I have been privileged to have been your Chairman for the past few years, though tonight I step down. Then we have Michelle Middleton, our highly competent secretary who has done a wonderful job keeping me particularly on the agenda, so that we achieve as much as we do. Then we have another Michelle, our Treasurer, who is wonderful at making sure you all pay your fees and looking after our finances. If you are not sure you are up to date with your fees, please speak to her. I know she has been having problems contacting some parents. The next really important job is called the Quarter Master and here we have been truly blest. Ray Middleton has done an exceptional job as the quarter master, but has also got involved in lots of other things such as putting up the fence at the back between us and the golf course. He has also organised the Fix the Hall Day where he got the parents and the kids to do a number of projects around the hall such as painting the toilets and doing some construction work around the campfire and a rack to hold the poles we use for Kontiki. Another 2 ladies I am going to mention are Anja Lumpp and Sally Dumont. Sally was the clever lady who spotted her neighbour taking down a fence and negotiated for us to buy it from him. But these 2 ladies, with a couple of helpers, have undertaken the catering and fund raising portfolios which has not only earned us funds, but has also brought us a lot of fun like our famous bingo evenings.

Tonight later on we will have an election for the committee for next year and in the hand out is a list of the nominations that we have already received. I encourage parents to get involved in some way, so like me, you get the opportunity to work with an awesome group of people who really care about one thing – your children and what Scouts can give them. We are in the lucky position that we have managed to get nominations for most of the positions, but if you think you would be interested, please speak to our Group Scouter, Rob Burns or to my right hand woman, Michelle Middleton.

The other person I must thank is Rob as he plays a very important role as the link between the uniform staff and the committee, so that we can all work to a common goal – making cubs and scouts a place where your kids want to be. Rob is also by far the longest involved in Scouts, so has an incredible amount of knowledge about Scouts and I would really like to acknowledge the effort that he puts in.

What else have we achieved this year? As I said above, we have done quite a bit of fixing up on the grounds such as the fence, the gutters and looking after the trees, but we also have big plans ahead. We have got plans for a braai room which will be positioned to the left hand side of the door on the grassy bank. We believe that it will really add to the wonderful facilities that we have here and help occasions like this evening to become more sociable. To make this all possible, please everyone join our "buy a brick" campaign. We have estimations that it will cost R150 000, so we need to raise that money. Also, if anybody has special knowledge or contacts in this area, please contact Ray Middleton as it would be wonderful if we could bring it in for a reduced amount. In the hand-out, you will find an A5 piece of card. If you would like to join our "Buy-a-brick" campaign, fill out that card and give it to Michelle Middleton who will stamp it and take it and your R100. We will then find a way to record your name for posterity.

We are not just satisfied with just doing the braai room, we are also planning to clean up and seal this floor. We believe it is an old cork covering that is probably here as long as the Scouts have been here which is now over 50 years. We also have plans in place to repaint the hall. By all accounts, you will not recognize the place shortly.

I want to thank all the committee members for our fun monthly meetings, but also for their willingness to get their hands dirty and get the job done. I have been privileged to work with such an awesome group and thank you all for making my job so easy. I wish 1st Durbanville all the best in the future as you continue to send out wonderful strong and accomplished young people into the big wide world at 18.

Yours in scouting

Donnetta McKinley