The Cederberg Adventure 2008 took place from the 9 December to the 20 December, and was an exceptional experience. The Adventure is for Senior Scouts to spend 12 days hiking through the Cederberg, enjoying numerous activities along the way.The 1st Durbanville patrol was joined with the Botasig guys, which inspired the names "Dursig" and "Botaville".

The team consisted of myself as Adult Advisor, Craig as PL, Michael, Ian, Andrew, Reuben and Matthew from Durbanville, as well as Chad, Wesley and Keagan from Botasig.

P1020919 We travelled by bus to a school in Clanwilliam, and had the opening ceremony there. The temperature was above 45 degrees - something we would have to get used to for the rest of the Adventure. Something went wrong with the bus that was supposed to take us into the heart of the Cederberg, so we only got fetched from the school past 8pm. This meant we were without supper until about 10pm.

The activities in the earlier days of the Adventure include Diving, Marksmanship and Astronomy. Marksmanship was a hit with the guys doing well shooting rifles, handguns and shotguns. The staff were quite friendly and knowledgeable.

After Astronomy, we spent the next day hiking up, and summiting, the Sneeuberg. This is one of the highest peaks in the area, above 2km from the ground. I found this day the most inspirational for a number of reasons. Firstly, I saw someone who was really struggling, and who almost give up, manage to get to the top. To that person (you know who you are) I will never forget how brave you were to summit the peak after really almost giving up! The view from the top was absolutely amazing. Unforgettable. From the top, you can see the mountains and rolling hills for miles, and it was great seeing the sunset from Sneeuberg.


The next day was one of the longest and tiring hikes, all the way from Sneeuberg to Algeria. The route was quite beautiful, and once we got to the base, we were greeted with the friendliest staff in the entire Adventure. This helped boost morale, and made the electronics base one of the best. It also shows how important it is to have the right people, as it is the people that make the Adventure, not the activities alone.

The next day we were supposed to sleep at Crystal Pools, but due to time constraints, we had to make a detour and sleep in a hut on the mountain. The view from there was also an amazing sight. After that, we did the Pizza base activity (making custom pizzas) and did a 4x4 course. This of course also including hiding behind bushes and soaking all the other people who did the 4x4 course at the point where the course goes past a stream.

100 0584 After sleeping in Welbedacht Cave, we headed towards Tafelberg. This is the Cederberg's version of "Table Mountain" - also a flat topped mountain, but significantly smaller. At Tafelberg we did abseiling, and rock climbing.

Later in the Adventure, we hiked through the Wolfberg Arch, and explored the Cracks. We did some Xhosa Stick Fighting, and then had a great big meal at Dutch Oven Cooking, including a nice bread, apricot cobbler, apple crumble and roast chicken. We then headed back to headquarters and enjoyed the final Campfire.

For those of you that have not been on the Adventure, it is a must. You will be surprised at how much beauty there is in the Cederberg. We sleep under the stars, and are away from reality for a good 12 days. The route we did was one of the toughest, and all Cederberg routes need a high level of fitness. If you are not fit, you will not enjoy the Cederberg nearly as much! That said, I recommend that everyone tries to do the Cederberg Adventure, if not as a Scout, as an adult adviser, or even a staff member.

To my team: thanks for the good times and great laughs. I hope you all keep the Adventure close to your heart and never forget those aspects of the Adventure that were most important to you.

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