cederberg title

Adventure, hiking, friendship, fun, beautiful scenery, archery, marksmanship, 4x4 driving, waterskiing, paintball, parasailing…the list goes on and on of what we were able to do on the Cederberg Adventure. I was fortunate enough to have been able to go on this adventure as an adult advisor to our girls’ team – I had never been before and I valued every moment.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, meeting new people, facing new situations – even getting lost in the mountains was fun (looking back at it – it wasn’t particularly fun in the moment!!!). Being in the middle of nowhere with Karina,  Anne Marie, Gretchen and Andy, and the 5 Krugersdorp Ranger Guides that were also part of our team – was such a bonding experience and we all learnt a lot about each other and ourselves.

I really was proud of the 1st D girls – the way they coped with the hiking (in the rain and cold and then in the heat!) and how they stood up to the challenges of archery and shooting shotguns and rifles – watch out everyone because we are brilliant accurate snipers!!!!! Karina whizzed around the Clan William dam like a waterskiing pro on her first time ever, Anne Marie and I managed to capture the flag in our first game of Paintball, and we managed to complete the grueling Commando course in 1hour 29minutes (one of the fastest times for the girls’ only teams!). OK, if you compare it to the guys’ time of 45 minutes it’s terrible – but hey, we had no serious injuries, scraped off skin or broken bones!!! And WE HAD A WHOE LOT OF FUN!!!

The best part about the whole experience, the bully beef and sardine meals, the dirt and dust and no hot showers, the makeshift toilets and sleeping on the cold hard ground – was the appreciation we gained for the things in life we tend to take fro granted – like a hot shower, cooked tasty meal and a comfy bed!

Thank you to ALL who made it possible – and thanks to Andy, Karina, Anne Marie and Gretchen for making this adventure one of the BEST times of my life!!!