Did you ever wonder how many steps there are to the Somerset Hospital from the V&A Waterfront? Or the circumference of ALL the traffic circles at the Waterfront? Or what it felt like to drink a GIANT freezing cold milkshake from Dodge cafe?

Well…… These are some of the tasks that the teams who took part in the 1st Durbanville Amazing race around the waterfront on the 20th June found out! From the time they got their instructions at the Aquarium, to the time they finished, they ran around finding clues and answers, getting team photos taken, and asking strange questions to shop owners… and had a BALL doing it! They all arrived back rosy cheeked and grinning huge smiles, especially when they were handed a pizza and coke for finishing the race!

Well done to everyone from 1st D who participated, as well the Gugulethu team who joined us! This was a great way to have fun with kids and parents and scouters… see you next time!!!

Haye Loons 490
Super Six 490
Untouchables 470
Kitchen Utensils 470
GVT 340
1st Springboks 310





Amazing Race DrawingAmazing Race DrawingAmazing Race DrawingAmazing Race DrawingAmazing Race Drawing