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Rhinos Patrol

PL Jonathan Pieterse 
APL  Oliver Murphy
3rd  Rohan Barnard
4th  Sipho Ngwenya
5th  Luca Cigana


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Lions Patrol

PL Nina Agustin
3rd Thomas Dehning
4th Vuyo Nobongoza
5th Jasmine Le Roux
6th Sebastian Philogene
7th Tristan Casaleggio
8th  Nobuhle Ngwenya
9th  Ivy Stoffberg

 Lion's Patrol



The Lions Patrol will start of with a bang since we want to advance everyone to a minimum level of pathfinder as soon as possible, when I explained this too my patrol they were ecstatic and overjoyed.

I am very excited to teach my patrol what I have learnt over the years and will try to make this experience a memorable one for them. 

Scouts is a wonderful thing to do and teaches you to work together as a team.  I want our patrol to bring out the best in themselves and each other. I will also do my best to make each member reach their potential and guide them to reach their advancement as they go along. I am looking forward in seeing our patrol enjoying scouts and what it has to offer as the year progresses. 

I hope you will enjoy every moment as much as I do. 


Skippy Cochrane

 lions minion


“The Springbok Badge. The highest rank a Scout can earn. What is it worth? Well in Rands and cents it’s about R12.00. Just a piece of cloth embroidered by some firm and sold to SAHQ. But what is it really worth to you?”

“Think back to the time when you first became a Scout. Remember the Scout skills that you learned each time you progressed? The Personal Growth Agreement and the re-dedication to the Scout Law and Promise, as you advanced. Think of the service you have given to your Troop and other people.

[Report read out at AGM on 16 November 2012] This evening you are privileged to hear reports from all sorts of people, though mainly from what we call the uniformed staff. They are the people who work with your children on a Friday afternoon and on a Friday evening. This report is on behalf of a different group of people, many of whom the kids will never really see, but they really do make a difference to the way scouts is run as they give the Troop and the Pack Scouters the freedom to develop the kids as much as they do.

A busy year for the cubs at 1st Durbanville.

Well another concert means another year has gone by. Seems each year goes quicker than the last.

On 24 February we visited the Durbanville Fire Station. At the end of our tour we sat down on the lawn for cool drinks and biscuits, and the most exciting thing happened. There was a fire somewhere near and the truck rushed out of the station with the siren blasting and the red lights flashing. What an awesome end to our day.

It seems weird that I have written these reports (for Peter) for the past 4 years, but when it comes to having to write one for myself, I struggle to find the words to say! There is just so much so say that I don't know where to start.

At the end of last year Peter Statham, our Troop Scouter for many years, was promoted to Commissioner, which made way for our Troop's first ever female TS, Ingrid Webster. Peter has served this Troop with passion and a level of skill that other troops envy. We thank him for his many years of dedication and wish him well in his new post. Ingrid has filled Peter's shoes admirably and she too comes with a wealth of experience.