Patrol Report

I am really proud of my patrol. This term we had a few new members join, and had to learn to work together which we did very well. We have been trying to get the basics done with our juniors for instance teaching them the 6 basic knots and the square lashing. These are just a foundation to work apon.

Our goal for the end of the year is to get all our memberships up to pathfinder level. My APL was a great help and we were sad to see him leave at the end of the secondterm. The sprinboks have always been family to me and I am very pround to be apart of them. - Hannah Ashley Cooper

As always I thoroughly enjoyed this past term in the Springbok patrol. I am learning so much about leadership and how to build a healthy team in the scouting enviroment. Our patrol has grown so much in terms of our members, especially our juniors. When we work as a team we can acomplish any given task. We are currently workingon respect but have improved dramatically in the area of construction. I have grown and had fun too. - Mikaya Storm

Last term was so much fun. We got a few new patrol members but unfortunately a few also left us. We had to really learn how to work together and I think we accomplished that. Upton Shield was amazing and and experience of a life time. - Tara Casaleggio

I am reallt enjoying scouts. Especially to be part of the S[ringbok patrol. The visit to Magic Forest (mapping badge) was a highlight for me in the 2nd term. - Keagan Benskin

I was honoured to be part of the team and learn new things. I have been chosen to be in competition teams a few times now which really makes me feel apart of the patrol. As I am an only child you guys are the sisters(and brothers) I don’t have! Thank you for inviting me in. - Wihanri Vester

I experienced cubs as a sixer. I joined scouts in April and found it quite a big jump and challenge. It is quite unique activities and in the beginning I was a little confused. Today however, I think scouts is awesome because I get to be outdoorws a lot, I love building shelters out of sticks and everybodyis really friendly and helpful. I struggle sometimes with swearing from the older boys. I think you are a good leader and that the springbok patrolis the best patrol for me as it also keeps reminding me of the Top Scouts Award which I am working towards. - Stuart Gray


Patrol Motto

One Patrol One Goal.


Springbok Patrol Report Second Term

Rank Patrol member Advancement level
PL Hannah Ashley Cooper First Class
APL Jonathan Pieterse Adventurer
P3 Mikaya Storm Pathfinder
P4 Tara Casaleggio Pathfinder
P5 Hendre Barnard Membership
P6 Keagan Benskin Membership
P7 Wihanri Verster Membership
P8 Matthew Symons Membership
P9 Stuart Gray Membership