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Patrol Members

PL Hannah Ashley Cooper
APL Mikay Storm
P3 Tara Casaleggio
P4 Wihanri Vester
P5 Keagan Benskin
P6 Stuart Gray
P7 Matthew Stead
P8 Matthew Symons

Patrol Member Reports

This was a superr fun term, we really got to bond as a patrol. Many activities were run that we got to participate in, including Quinn Trophy, Sailing and an amzing race. This term was more of a fun term the an advancement term. At our anual AGM and prize giving we won Patrol of the year! Which is the best award that you can recieve as a patrol. It was our last term of scouts for 2016 we closed off really well and are exited for the new year and new activities to come.
- Hannah Ashley Cooper

The forth term was so sad to have to finish up scouts, I never know what to do with myself during the holidays.
- Mikaya Storm

In the forth term we participated in Quinn Troph. We also had our AGM and the Springboks won patrol of the year. We went to Canal Walk for a wide game which ended up being so fun and everyone had a great time.
- Tara Casaleggio

During the 4th term I reached a point where I really understood the value of scouts and positive friendship.
- Stuart Gray