Patrol Members

Patrol Leader Hannah Ashley Cooper
Assistant Patrol Leader Mikaya Storm
P3 Tara Casaleggio
P4 Wihanri Verster
P5 Keagan Benskin
P6 Stuart Gray
P7 Matthew Stead
P8 Matthew Symons

Patrol Member reports

This was a good term for the springbok patrol, we did quite a few competitions. I really love my patrol, they are strong, good working, and amazing people.
- Hannah Ashley Cooper

The 3rd term was a lot of fun. Its great because it isnt early in the year and it isnt late, so it feels like you’ve got eternity to be at scouts.
- Mikaya Storm

In the third term, we lost two patrol members but luckily also gained two patrol members. Some of us participated in Gordons sheild which was really fun and taught us a lot. We also had a wonderful hike from Eden on the Bay to Table Bay Rover Hall.
- Tara Casaleggio

The 3rd term was really cool and I recieved lots of help from leadership.
- Stuart Gray