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By Samuel Higham

Hello, my name is Samuel Higham and this is my experience of Daniel Wilbraham's First Class Camp which was held at Appleton on 21 and 22 May 2022.

When we arrived, we unpacked all our equipment and started putting up our tents. This was done in an orderly fashion and our tents were put right next to one another forming a small kind of village. Once our village started to take shape, we built the entrance to our campsite which consisted of staves held up by three ropes on each side.

Once everyone had finished putting up their tents and the entrance way was complete, we started constructing our camp table. I am very proud of the way in which we constructed this table. It was the best thing on our campsite becaue it really looked like a fortress and became the main communal point throughout our camp. Its shade cloth roof also proved useful later in the day when the sun became really bright and hot.

After every campsite item had been constructed, we started working on our advancements. While some of the older scouts went to cook the bread, I stayed to help the younger ones with their advancements. We finished all the advancements which Daniel had planned for us because we were super speedy and this meant that we had lots of time for fun during the rest of the weekend. Our fun activities included exploring the area around Appleton, playing small games and recounting memories. This camp is one memory that I am going to keep for quite some time. Liam and I even did some mouse watching which was way more interesting than I thought it would be. The camp was a big success and a real bonding moment for all of the Kudu Patrol.