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The 1st Durbanville scout group turned the tide on plastic at the Eerstesteen nature reserve at Blaauberg beach when all their scouts, cubs and meerkats participated in International Beach Clean-Up Day on 18 September 2021.

1st Durbanville is committed to The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge, a global initiative which has been adopted by the World Scout Organization as an integral component of its Earth Tribe Initiative.

Over the past few months we have held a number of Tide Turners Plastic Challenge programmes aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes in our scouts which are essential for supporting this initiative.

Our first programme introduced the scouts to creative ways of using packaging waste and they made several recycled items from plastic refuse. The scouts were required to complete a plastic audit as well as a self-assessment form as regards individual plastic usage. On another occasion, each of the scout patrols painted large anti-plastic posters which were displayed at various venues.

The programme culminated in the Saturday beach clean-up at Eerstesteen Nature Reserve to which the cubs and meerkats were invited, Wilbraham said.Beach Clean Up