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The 1st Durbanville Rovers recently donated some of the group’s old equipment to the 1st Darling troop.

The 1st Darling scout group does not have a scout hall nor any equipment and this motivated 1st Durbanville Rover Charles Murphy to organize this initiative together with his fellow Rovers.

This involved setting aside time to clean one of their old troop tents which was still in great condition. They also repainted an equipment patrol box and a gas canister in the 1st Darling colours, and gathered a complete set of kitchen equipment as well as a two plate gas stove with which to fill the patrol box.

On Saturday, 21 August the 1st Durbanville Rovers joined the 1st Darling scouts and cubs for a combined troop/cub meeting and handed over the equipment which will go a long way towards enabling 1st Darling to go camping and to compete at regional competitions.

Upon their arrival, the Rovers helped the 1st Darling scouts to pitch their new tent and also shared their knowledge of maintaining a tent and other scouting equipment with the 1st Darling scouts.

The 1st Darling scout group was delighted to receive this equipment and the 1st Durbanville Rovers extended an offer of future help to the 1st Darling scouts in the hope that this can be the start of a great friendship between the two scout groups.