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The “Star Awards” is an evaluation system used to recognise Troops and Patrols who are meeting the aims of the association. The Scout methods used are the tools that make scouting different from any other youth organisation. The “Star Awards” also serve as an essential tool for Scouters, Commissioners, Provincial and National Staff to identify weak areas so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Star Awards evaluate activities completed between 1 October and 30 September every year.


    Status Date planned
Outdoors (8+):
Number of troop outdoor adventure type activities (away from the hall) held this year e.g. Hike, daytrip, or special wide games.

1. Johan's wide game 31/1/14

2. Frigate visit 8/2/14

3. Amazing Race 1/11/13

4. Caleb's first class service 24/11/13

5. Women's Walk service 22/2/14

6. Veldcraft badge & hike 26/1/14

7.Friendship hike Majik forrest 25/4/14

8. Geocaching 9/5/14

Patrol System (65% gold):
Gold:     65%  patrols have achieved a Gold award
Silver:   50 % patrols have achieved a Silver or higher award
Bronze: 30% patrols have achieved a Bronze or higher award
Troop Camping (5+):
Number of nights that all patrols have camped together as a troop away from their hall:

Troop camp Jan 2014 (2)

Kontiki 2014 (3)

Advancement (50%+):
Percentage of the scouts in the troop that have gained at least one advancement badge during the year.
Incomplete (34%)
Interest Badges (75%+):
Percentage of the scouts in the troop that have gained at least one Interest or Scoutcraft badge during the year.
Complete 77% 
Participation (2+):
Number of District or Provincial activities attended during the year.

Kontiki 2014

Rayner 2014

Regatta 11 May 2014

Retention (75%+):
Percentage of scouts on last year’s census who have remained in the troop at this year’s census.
On track  
Recruitment (5+):
Number of scouts recruited during the year.
Complete  Mikaya, Thomas, Bjorn, Mark, Oliver
Number of Scouts (18+):
Number of scouts in the troop.
Complete  44
Number of Scouters:
There is at least one warranted Scouter for every 18 scouts.
Complete  5
Scouter Advancement:
Each warranted Scouter has advanced their own training in the last year by attending some form of recognized training course or other learning activity.

Ryan - PLTU

Ingrid - Rayner judge

Peter - PLTU

Troop Records:
During the year the following records were maintained
a) Displayed progress wall chart & individual record cards
b) Year at a glance and past programme files
c) Troop equipment list

a) Complete

b) Complete

c) Complete

There is a) an updated notice board/website and b) a printed /written quarterly newsletter or a printed copy of email communication

a) Complete

b) Incomplete

9 need 13! 

Star Awards Guidelines 2014