springbok award

A Springbok scout has worked from the age of about 11 to 18 to get this award. Lots of time, effort, planning and leadership go into this award. The following people have obtained their Springbok awards during their time at 1st Durbanville. Well done to you all!


1956 Michael Crooke (Queen) 1985 Gordon Kleynhans
  William Patrick Miles (Queen)   Bruce Elliot
1957 Graham Crooke (Queen)   Geoffrey Hodgson
  Michael Crous (Queen) 1989 Paul Macey
1960 Hugh Buzz Macey (Queen)   Rolf Le Roux
1963 Neville Curtayne 1990 Gerhard Lombard
1964 N Davidson   Martin Frouws
1969 Edmund Witney 1991 Matthew Philogene
1970 Malcolm Brettenny 1997 Brendon Loncq
1973 John Stewart Houston   Martin Meyer
  Ian Maclean 1998 Andre Montauban
  Michael Peper 2000 Clinton Payne
1974 Peter Cornes 2001 Jeremy Speres
  Guy Perrins   Lee Stimpson
1975 Michael Marais 2002 Gerard Montauban
  Patrick Marais   Andrew Caldwell
  Peter Benden   Shane Stimpson
1976 Robert Fraenkel 2003 Ryan Hultzer
  Andre Kirsten 2005 Werner De Wit
1979 Pierre Le Roux   Mary-Anne Caldwell
1982 Jeremy Cheney 2006 Stephen Haupt
  Pierre Wubbeling 2009 Anne-Marie Greyling
1985 Gordon Kleynhans   Craig Burns
  Bruce Elliot 2014 Ryan Burns
    2015 Johann Visser
    2016 Skippy Cochrane